Why Covington Place?

entrance2Connected to the quaint streets of historic Covington and its gracious antebellum and Victorian-era homes is a vibrant, active lifestyle community. It is Covington Place - a master planned community that is the site of spacious and attractively designed homes featuring the newest innovations.

Discover a Lifestyle...

Covington Place is a community where residents of all ages can enjoy an active lifestyle on the beautiful Indian Creek Golf Course, or at the clubhouse with its junior Olympic-sized pool and well-maintained tennis courts. A children's playground and picnic areas are also available. Or if you prefer, you can stroll down our sidewalks for an evening walk through the spacious neighborhood with its interspersed green areas and golf course views.

Enjoy the Convenience...

At Covington Place, you're just minutes from anywhere you want to be. We are located only two minutes from I-20 - a convenience that Atlanta area job commuters will really appreciate. The bustle of Atlanta's downtown shopping, cultural activities and professional sporting events is only 35 minutes away. Even closer is the new Stonecrest Mall, providing an enormous array of shopping and dining options. And, you're just 45 minutes from Hartsfield International Airport - your gateway to the world. Newton County schools, with high test scores, modern facilities, and dedicated home-town teachers are just across the street or just around the corner.

Savor the Choices...

Whether you're looking for a nice local park, a state-of-the-art library, or cultural activities that include a local Arts Association or local wine tasting, Covington offers something for every member of the family. In addition, if you'd like to brush up on your computer skills or even pursue a degree, there are four colleges offering classes in and around Covington. When you want to get closer to nature, you will enjoy the convenience to some of the area's most outstanding natural resources. Spend some of your leisure time at Stone Mountain Park, Panola Mountain State Conservation Park, Hard Labor Creek, Charlie Elliott Wildlife Center, or Oconee National Forest. For boating enthusiasts, Lakes Oconee and Jackson are only thirty minutes away.


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Pool Hours:8:00 A.M.-10:00 P.M.



1. Children under 12 may not use the pool without adult supervision. Adults are considered to be 16 years or older.
2. Diapered children must wear rubber pants or plastic swim pants and swim diapers to swim in the pool.
4. No glass containers allowed in the pool area.
5. Please keep food and snacks confined to the tables, away from the pool.
7. NO RUNNING! NO boisterous or rough play is permitted in the pool area.
8. NO spitting, "spouting" of water or blowing of nose is allowed in the pool.
9. NO skateboards, bicycles, roller skates, etc. allowed in the pool area.
10. Persons with communicable or infectious diseases, rashes or sores should not use the pool.
11. NO pets allowed in or around the pool area. NO exceptions.
12. Please limit the number and size of flotation devices. Only floats designed to accommodate one (1) person allowed.
13. Telephones are provided for emergency use only.
14. Profanity, improper behavior, or vulgar remarks, and obscene actions are prohibited. Violations by minors will be reported to their parents.
15. All guests must be accompanied by a homeowner to use the pool. Only four guests allowed per household.
16. Use of tobacco products are not allowed in the pool area or clubhouse.
17. Pool gate must remain locked at all times for liability reasons. Please do not prop the door open.
18. Tables are reserved for those who are eating.
19. If an accident of the fecal kind should occur, pool must immediately be emptied, and the fecal matter should be removed. The pool company must also be notified, in the event a chlorine shock should be required.
20. There is a $25.00 charge for a replacement amenity key.
21. Members causing property damage will be held financially responsible, The member will also be responsible for damages caused by members of their household or guests.
22. No property or furnishings shall be removed from the pool area or clubhouse.
23. The pool area may not be reserved for private parties at any time. If you bring a party of over 6 people to the pool without reserving the clubhouse for your party, you will be asked to leave.
Put umbrellas down
Pick up after yourself
Turn off lights, lock up


Remember this is your pool. These rules are in place to for your safety and convenience. Please observe these rules at all times.


Infractions of pool rules may result in a temporary suspension of pool privileges. Any toys, clothing, music, left after one week will be given to a local charity.

Covington Place Homeowner's Association, Inc.

amenities4Millions of homeowners choose to live in one of the over 200,000 associations in the United States. According to a recent survey, the top three advantages of association living are:

  • Increased Property Values
  • Increased Livability and Enjoyment
  • Maintained Entrance Ways and Common Area

Whatever the reason you have for choosing to be part of an association, we are committed to providing you with the best service possible. We accomplish this by enforcing the protective covenants filed on each property in the community and working with a management team to assist the association’s board of directors with running the association.

Protective Covenants

No document is more important to our members than the covenants. If you do not have a copy of our covenants, please go to www.grace-management.com to view or download a copy. The covenants provide for the existence of the association as well as the regulations, registrations and obligations that allow us to maintain high standards and protect our properties.


To fund the association’s operations, each member pays an assessment. Each year, the association will send to members a copy of the budget describing the expenses of the association and setting the assessment amount. It is very important to pay the assessment on time so the association may fulfill its obligations and protect each member’s investment.

Architectural Review

ANY exterior change to a property must be approved by the Architectural Review Board. Please visit the website for more information.

Member Service

The association strives to provide you with a premium level of member service. Virtually all of your service needs may be addressed on a 24/7 basis by visiting the management company website at:


Please take a moment to visit the site. On the website you may:

  • Pay dues with a credit card or e-check
  • Access a copy of the covenants
  • Access other important documents

By selecting “Member Service” on the site you may:

  • Report Common Area Maintenance Needs
  • Report A Covenant Violation
  • Submit An Architectural Review Request
  • Contact The Board
  • Update Your Contact Information
  • Register A Tenant
  • And much more.

Please visit the Member Service area for all of your association needs. This area is specifically designed to collect all of the required information for each request and forward it to the proper department for processing. Each request is also tracked to ensure a responsive and satisfactory resolution.

Contact Information:

Grace Management
(assessments, balances, etc.)

phone: 770.389.6528
fax: 770.506.8430

Subdivision Services:
(Covenant Enforcement, Common Area Maintenance and Architectural Review)

phone: 770.620.0069
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.